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ABC    A complete course with an English speaking tutor. From absolute beginners to advanced. Dialogues, conversations, exercises with the direct help of the tutor.

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    A few words, that my practice provokes.

    Studying a foreign language requires considerable time and effort.

     There are three main stages established in the course:

   1. Common English - includes basic wording and considerable part of the grammar, including all verb tenses.

    Everyone that has studied to a lower level, has the opportunity to continue from where he or she has stopped - filling the old gaps and making progress.

  It is important to develop all skills and listening and speaking take up a considerable part of the time, though "translate into English" is the main exercise for homework.
   Everybody has the opportunity to make his or her own sentences and write on various topics.

    2. Extending the wording and grammar.That includes texts from various spheres and conversations in different situations , grammar details and grammar constructions. People sometimes try to jump over this stage, but entering a more complex working environment or working with written documents, they have difficulties understanding the more complex grammatical constructions, long sentences or otherwise "common" words. All these, as well as dialogues on a higher level are studied exactly here.

3. Specialized training - the terms of the sphere of your interest - Economics, Engineering, Medicine, IT etc. The meaning of words may vary considerably in different spheres, the working language is different, there are specific rules - that's why this is a separate stage.
   In my practice, there are people who just have pleasure in studying English language and exercising their language skills - I hope you'll become one of them. :)