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ABC    A complete course with an English speaking tutor. From absolute beginners to advanced. Dialogues, conversations, exercises with the direct help of the tutor. Some help will be provided in your language through automatic translation. Voice communication via Skype 100% of the time. Professional topics and materials from your area of interest. Course structure is not addressed to children.

Phone: +359 896 168374
(Mobile/EU(BG), no additional charges)

(You can just send an SMS - see below)

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    Price is 90E for 30 hours which are taken in 5 weeks, 2 hours at a time 3 times per week. Flexible hours are possible for a limited amount of time on mutual agreement. Payment is through PayPal or a bank transaction. You can use almost any kind of bank card or your PayPal account if you have one.

    The online course is based on the contents of the ordinary course. Lecture notes have to be taken, image files are exchanged or viewed online. It is necessary to participate actively - mostly speaking. Typing is not mandatory and can be used only if desired. If you do not wish to type, you can use a scanner, a phone with a camera, a photo camera or other imaging device, preferably 2MP or more to scan and send your images.

    When you contact on the phone, you will be given a Date and Time and a Skype name to connect with and discuss details - hours, which parts of grammar or materials you are interested in, etc. You can just send an SMS with a few words or your skype name and you will receive contact details as an SMS. Please, have in mind that probably we'll have to communicate in English. When using Skype we can communicate freely in your language in writing or a little by voice, using automatic translation.

  There is a variety of materials included in the course, covering diverse topics.

   Those who are advanced, have more free time and no time limits in front of them can do exercises which do not include a lot of new words or grammar, maintaining what they have already learnt and becoming more fluent.