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Български лафове на английски (нередактирана версия)

BG Lafs in English!


BG Lafs in English!
Bulgarian English Will Conquer The World!!!
LAFS (Make laf not war!)
Who lafs last, lafs best!
*Most of the lafs here are original quotations of "beloved" teachers. 
Others have been invented by "strong" students. The rest are "fruit" (or may be vegetable?) 
of the work of people that love Bulgarian expressions and want to translate and use them in English. 
This may be a difficult task though...
stop looking during the window - prestanete da gledate prez prozoreca
tighten yourself! - STEGNI SE
dON'T EXPLAIN YOURSELF MUCH-MUCH BUT sit to work - ne se obiasniavai mnogo-mnogo, ami siadai da rabotish
aman of you be!
I'll kill you on place
sweep your rags - omitai si parcalite
drive to go - karai da varvi
realize yourself - osaznai se
old buddy Boris - bai Boris
bigger brother Ilia - Bacho Ilia
Bigger sister Penka - Kaka Penka
now I'll ajar you - sega shte te otkrehna
in the cirkle of the joke
dog drags - no tracks - ku4e vla4e diria niama
I feel up-down
to cucumber grower - cucumbers
let's rise our hammers
look at your business if you love - gledai si rabotata ako obichash
not to be, don't say! - sakun ne dumai!
yes-yes, how no! - da-da (bulgarska forma na otricanie chrez dvoino potvurjdenie), kak ne
I'm not from yesterday -
psychoduck - psihopatka
tango&cash (the movie) - tango'(tanc) i pari v broi
stand up, stand up, Balkan Superman - stani, stani yinak balkanski
she, the ours has seen herself - tia nashta se e vidiala...
either the camel, either the camel driver - ya kamilaria, ya kamilata
she became what she became - stana tya kakvato stana...
the horse went into the river - uyde konya u ryakata
she has blossomed, so that she has tied - cufnala, ta vurzala
be alive and healthy! - da si jiv i zdrav
here you are, bride, the day of Spas - te ti bulka spasovden
it's another... - drugo si e...
she became one - not to be of your business, remove, remove - tya stana edna - da ne ti e rabota, mani, mani
wait horse for green grass - trai konio za zelena treva
let's pick up the pigeons - da vdigame gulubite
from me to pass - ot men da mine...
fill in the "blankets" - :)
you nested me a big number - goliam nomer mi svi
hungry bear does not play boogie-boogie - gladna mechka horo ne igrae
united company mountain lifts - sgovorna drujina planina povdiga